Cesar Baldelomar 5-15-2009
Scandal has again surfaced in the American Catholic Church, but, gratefully, this time it is not over child abuse or mismanagement of funds.
Andrew Wilkes 4-22-2009

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but an accurate weight is his delight. (Proverbs 11:1)

Cathleen Falsani 4-10-2009
Twenty-seven years ago this month, Brenda and Scott Kniffen, a homemaker and an inventory manager of a diesel shop, were arrested and charged with sexually abusing their two young sons, Brian and B
Julie Clawson 2-23-2009
At the end of January in Mangalore, India, a group of right-wing extremists, the Sri Rama Sena, entered a bar and assaulted the women there.
Rose Marie Berger 7-01-2007

The narcotraficante commanded me
in gestures, take off your blouse.
Then he jerked it, scattering buttons—
smooth and pink—along the ground.

Rory E. Anderson 3-01-2007
'Blood diamonds' still fuel conflict.
Harvey Yoder LMFT 3-01-2007

In "Breaking the Holy Hush" (January 2007), Gail Martin makes the astonishing claim (attributed to Catherine Clark Kroeger) that "The rate of abuse in Christian homes is exactly the same as in the

In the diocese of Rapid City,

In the diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota, a group of Catholic priests decided to take action on behalf of both the victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse in the church. About 30 active and retired priests created an independent nonprofit called the Lazarus Fund, to which they are donating 5 percent of

Linda Crockett 4-01-2004

Why are churches silent about family violence?

When a University of California campus saw a marked increase in date rape, an unlikely alliance emerged. 

Joyce Hollyday 9-01-1995

The assistant district attorney cleared the courtroom, while two sheriff's deputies searched the defendant. He was known to own 13 guns.

Linda Crockett 7-01-1995
Healing for survivors of sexual abuse and war
Jamie Howison 7-01-1995
Responding to the rage caused by childhood sexual abuse