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Sojourners Magazine: September/October 2005

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How would Jesus address the issues of our day?


Christians and an economy of shame.
Conflict may be an inevitable part of life, but how you deal with it isn't. Many schools are teaching a better way.
Plenty of "life learning" takes place outside the ivied walls.
Sex trafficking is big business - and the root of that business is closer to home than you might think.


You can tell a lot about people by how they treat their neighbors in need.
For Haiti, hope still awaits its time.
What's wrong with No Child Left Behind?


What if Jesus had professional consultants?
We must rise to the occasion, both spiritually and politically.
Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves.

Culture Watch

The incarnational work of filmmaker Gerard Straub.
Spiritual Nourishment
My life among conservative Christians.
Neoconservatives and humanitarians can share a false trust in weaponry and a not-so-subtle imperialism.


Drive north down Highway 301, pastthe school where, weekdays, deaf childrenrun wild on the playground. Keep going untilyou see the sign, "Snake Man," then turn leftinto Camper's Lodge and swing on aroundpast the turquoise pool in front of the
After more than a dozen years at the corner of Chapin and 15th Streets NW, Sojourners is moving to another location in Washington, D.C.
Jesus sums up faithfulness as being other-oriented. It's about God. It's about the neighbor.
In May, the Pentagon accidentally released classified sections of a U.S. report on the killing of Italian intelligence officer Nicola Calipari by U.S. forces at a checkpoint along "Route Irish," the highway between the Baghdad airport and the
I enjoyed Jesse Holcomb'
Hundreds gathered at sites around Washington,
School Work. Seminarians teamed up with security guards in five U.S. cities over the summer to work on issues of low wages and lack of benefits in security work. The 10-week program was sponsored by Interfaith Worker Justice and the AFL-CIO.Seeing Black.
Thanks for the overview of progressive voices on the radio (
Improving the social and environmental conditions of America'