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Leaving Campus Behind

by Claire McKeever 09-01-2005

Plenty of "life learning" takes place outside the ivied walls.

Waiting For Asylum

by Claire McKeever 08-01-2005

Those seeking a safe haven in the United States from religious, political, and economic oppression are finding it more difficult to obtain asylum on U.S. soil.

Teens 4 God

by Claire McKeever 07-01-2005

Contrary to popular belief, teenagers actually do care-about religion.

Am Working and Hungry

by Claire McKeever 06-01-2005

Low-income persons and families across the United States will increasingly need more services to enable them to meet acceptable standards of living, according to a 2004 report on hunger and homelessness by U.S. mayors. "The president and other political leaders should be focused on rewarding work with living