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Sojourners Magazine: October 1980

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Cover Story

Conversation with a Palestinian Christian priest.


A meditation on Jesus and symbolic action.
The inspiration and interpretation of the Bible.
A theological conference on prayer.


Why the death penalty is the focus of a human rights campaign.


Laughter and prayer together may be the most fitting response to the presidential election. Both are characteristic of the prophetic vocation.
When I walk down 13th or Euclid Streets carrying my son Peter in his frayed, blue backpack, he is greeted by people leaning from fourth-floor windows, by children playing in the yards, and by old men sitting on their porches.
Autumn is here, the frost is on the pumpkin, the back-to-school sales are over, and the culmination of a long and bitterly fought contest is upon us.


flocks of soap bubbles emanate from my children's breath sailing on updraft and downdraft some an inch across, some five