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It's Selection Time

Autumn is here, the frost is on the pumpkin, the back-to-school sales are over, and the culmination of a long and bitterly fought contest is upon us. The official festivities began 10 months ago, but the planning and backroom bartering began long before that; in fact, they never really stopped from last time. But at last the end is near.

The race began with many contenders. They moved from city to city with their entourages, drawing crowds and cheers, passing out autographs and handshakes, and having their pictures taken with children and local officials, each one dogged every step of the way by the constant glare of the news media spotlight. Reporters and TV cameras were there to record every word, and to publicize every misstep and sign of division or indecision. Each contender was hoping to put together, piece by piece and day by day, the winning combination of personnel and strategy, and the all-important momentum that would carry them through to the final test in the fall.

They had their strengths and weaknesses. Some had a lot of money to throw around, while others scraped to stay in the running; some were too inexperienced and unseasoned, while others were said to be too old; some seemed to have everything going for them except the burning desire it takes to win. They had their own styles, some flashy and slick, others stodgy and dull. Each contender had a somewhat different approach, but in the end they were all playing the same game, and playing it to win.

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