May 2004

Cover Story

The gospel provides an antidote to the abuses of the global economy and invites us to act for justice wherever - and whoever - we are.


The Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war has opened up a new front in the debates over "just war" theory.
These paintings were part of an exposition held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was no ordinary exposition.
Venezuela's constitution is more than a political document.
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez stirs up fierce criticism - and hope.


50 years after Brown, segregation remains in force.
Churches shouldn't ignore the meetup phenomenon.
You wouldn't know it by the candidates, but Christians form the base of the party.


I pulled dramatically into the office parking lot, turned off the ignition and coasted to a stop, the powerful engine reluctantly emitting its final throaty rumble.
To focus on the suffering of Christ apart from Jesus' way of the kingdom misses the central point of the gospels.

Culture Watch

Change AgentsChange Agents
The 'adult' standards of cable have seeped into the groundwater of broadcast television.
This year marks the 35th anniversary of James Cone'
Several times during the tumultuous events leading up to the Iraq war,
Iranian women experience the transformative power of fiction.


Protesters converged on Managua in February with brooms in hand to "
More than 100 church and grassroots organizations from the United States,
Associate editor Rose Marie Berger joined a January delegation to Venezuela organized by Marie Dennis of the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns.
Venezuelan Vice President José Vicente Rangel (
Consider the Turtles
Likening the possible split in the Presbyterian Church (