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Seven European businesses—MTV Europe, National Grid Transco, ABB, Barclays, Novartis, The Body Shop International, and Novo Nordisk—have agreed to comply with U.N. principles on human rights. The norms had previously only been applied to countries, not corporations.

Act Now.

A theater troupe in Baghdad, funded by the All Our Children campaign, an inter-agency effort of U.S. churches, has staged more than 30 performances to promote psychosocial healing for children traumatized by the war.

Real Reel.

Andrey Zvyagintsev’s film The Return, about a father who returns to his two sons after a 12-year absence, has been awarded the John Templeton European Film Award by an ecumenical jury. The Templeton Award is given to films that engage spiritual and social questions.

Revved Up.

Anne Moats Williams, recently ordained in Iowa, is the first U.S. Episcopal priest ordained inside a state prison. The congregation that called her to the priesthood is incarcerated and inmates served on her discernment committee. Williams is not incarcerated.

Cheney Links.

In 2002, more than $150 billion of public money was transferred from the Pentagon to private contractors. Vice President Dick Cheney retains stock options worth more than $18 million in Halliburton, a lead Pentagon subcontractor. Cheney has pledged to donate proceeds from those stocks to charity.

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