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Sweeping Up Corruption

Protesters converged on Managua in February with brooms in hand to "

Protesters converged on Managua in February with brooms in hand to "sweep out" corrupt public officials. Organized by CEPAD, the Nicaraguan Council of Protestant Churches, thousands marched to municipal offices and courts to present documentation detailing the theft by government officials of $1.7 billion of public funds. CEPAD director Damaris Albuquerque said the report’s data demonstrated how injustice and a loss of values, such as honesty, exist among the nation’s rich and powerful who place themselves above the law and sanctions. "These only affect the poor, who do not have people to bail them out of trouble or the money to win a trial," she noted.

CEPAD founder Gustavo Parajon quoted the book of Amos and emphasized that there will only be peace in Nicaragua if there is justice. "We are not in favor of any party. Our goal is to call people’s attention so that they are aware that we must clean up the country, but first we must clean up ourselves." He called on Nicaraguans to elect leaders with integrity in the next elections.

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Sojourners Magazine May 2004
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