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Sojourners Magazine: May 1977

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Science and industry rewrite the fifth day of creation.
The call to be a servant society.
A call from the Taize community: make the church a parable of sharing and it will play its part in healing the wounds of the human family.


The real hope of reconciliation between races and cultures in our world is wrapped up in how we, the people of God, see ourselves.
Time magazine recently ran a cover story on Marabel Morgan’s Total Woman philosophy.
Tales of stockyards, laundries, and sewing factories.


It has occurred to me from time to time that there may be significant similarities between the views of secularist advocates of “lifeboat ethics” and the outlook of those fundamentalists who view themselves as inhabitants of “the late great planet Earth.”
Those concerned with justice must be concerned with how real, personal and intimate is their relationship to the Lord.