March 2005

Cover Story

Sex abuse scandal, priest shortages, celibacy, ordaining women: The issues roiling the Catholic Church offer challenges - and hope? - for the future.
The vatican's management problem.
Challenges to the church in the global South.


The timeless and timely vision of William Stringfellow
Anunciation House reaches out to the undocumented with faith and hospitality.
With fierce faith, Julia Bonds works to save the land and people of West Virginia.


The Micah Challenge calls evangelicals to get serious about bringing good news to the poor.
Dim visions of a redeemed military
If a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes accepted wisdom.


Fortunately, social structures are well established. If you're cool.
If the war in Iraq is the 'practical' expression of George Bush's theology of liberty and freedom, the world is in serious trouble.

Culture Watch

Sources of StrengthLet the Church Say Amen tells the story of a tiny storefront church in Washington,Sources of Strength
A review of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by U2
A review of Gilead, by Marilyn Robinson
A review of Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith, by Ann Lamott


The Church of the Brethren Service Center in Maryland,The Church of the Brethren Service Center in Maryland, site of
West Virginia activist Julia Bonds has been interviewed many times, especially after winning the 2003 Goldman Environmental Prize.
The earth is eating all the little birds. It feasts, grows fat. Their eyes are stones, black jewels we rattle in our pockets. Mouths are blurred
The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids,The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids, Michigan, decided to
I was afraid to read David Batstone'I was afraid to read David Batstone’s column ("School Without a Prayer," January 2005) - more public
Guard llamas Micah (Guard llamas Micah (front) and Naomi are the newest additions to Jonah House, a community of Christian resistance whose
I applaud Larry Rasmussen'I applaud Larry Rasmussen’s efforts to find the middle ground between the positions of just war theory and Christian
The resurrection makes hope a permanent and immovable feature of the new creature in which we now dwell.