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by Harry C. Kiely 12-11-2013
A poem

(Fotografiecor.nl / Shutterstock)

The sheep huddled against this big rock.
Jake keeps watch while I wrestle with sleep:
—wool prices down, third year
—owner talks of selling out
—Jake and me—Where do we go?
—Martha’s carrying our fifth child
—rumors that Herod’s at it again,
—this time killing babies.
—Same old story:
the Empire trades in fear.
Where can we run?
Like papa says, “I hate being poor.”

#Occupy: The New Pentecost?

by Harry C. Kiely 01-03-2012
Pentecost depiction by Duccio di Buoninsegna via http://bit.ly/w3Q6IA

Pentecost depiction by Duccio di Buoninsegna via http://bit.ly/w3Q6IA

For those who re-discover their faith by taking seriously the vision offered in the second chapter of the book of Acts, the Occupy movement may appear to them as the New Pentecost. Note the similarities between the ancient story and the contemporary movement:

  • In Acts, the emergence of new power occurred when the “gossip” about the Resurrection became a life-empowering message that transcended all lingual differences: “each heard in his own language.” Likewise in Occupy Wall Street: in the development of a new means of communication, people of diverse backgrounds both spoke and heard in a common language. It was, indeed, a New Pentecost.

Privatizing Social Security

by Harry C. Kiely 03-01-2005
If a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes accepted wisdom.

Privatizing Medicare

by Harry C. Kiely 02-01-2004
The bill will force millions to pay more for drugs, not less.

The False Promises of Violence

by Harry C. Kiely 11-09-1997
Redemption lies in the way of the cross.

The Demon of Addiction

by Harry C. Kiely 05-01-1996
Jesus answers our cry for spiritual deliverance. A Bible study on Mark 5:1-20.

An Instrument of Healing Grace

by Harry C. Kiely 07-01-1985

The founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.