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Sources of StrengthLet the Church Say Amen tells the story of a tiny storefront church in Washington,

Sources of Strength

Let the Church Say Amen tells the story of a tiny storefront church in Washington, D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood through the lives of four of its members. Like many who live in inner cities, each person fights homelessness, poverty, violence, and a limited economic future, but the World Missions for Christ Church and its family are a tremendous source of support. An intimate, gritty documentary about the saving grace urban churches offer. Airs March 29 on PBS.

Faith and Tolerance

Filmmaker Menachem Daum (center) was worried about the increasing religious intolerance of his two ultra-Orthodox sons. To them, non-Jews were incurably anti-Semitic. So Daum took them on a trip to Poland to find the Christian family who hid their grandfather and his brothers for two years during the Holocaust. Hiding and Seeking, an 85-minute film co-produced by Daum now out on DVD, beautifully documents the physical and emotional journey the family took.

Wisdom from Elders

The Veterans of Hope Project at Iliff School of Theology has added three new videos to its series of conversations with “veterans” of movements for social change: Dolores Huerta, a human rights organizer and co-founder of the United Farm Workers; Anne Braden, an anti-racist organizer and journalist; and Charles Long, a teacher and historian of religion. Fascinating first-person accounts of life on the front lines of change. A transcript and study guide is included with each $20 DVD.

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