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Sojourners Magazine: March 1988

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The Race for God and Country


In every community, there are a few  people who, from the beginning, have guided and kept it on solid footing through their tireless commitment to the community's life.
I suppose a "snow emergency" in Washington, D.C. can help bring some perspective, too, although perspective is what this city so religiously avoids.
In this month's feature report on events surrounding the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in December, Joyce Hollyday juxtaposes two events that resound with irony for the U.S.
From the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters
South Korea's December 1987 presidential election of Roh Tae Woo was the first since Gen. Park Chung Hee defeated Kim Dae Jung in 1971, a vote widely believed to have been stolen.

Culture Watch

The images in Real War Stories are as strong and memorable, and sometimes as graphic, as those in its reactionary counterparts.


It is as if lions grew inside of me, and I am not afraid.