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Funny Business

From the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters

During a Sojourners volleyball game last summer, art director Ed Spivey explained why so many serves from the opposing team fell between him and another player: "I've been in community so long, I forgot how to say 'Mine!'"

Ed recently reported at the start of an editorial staff meeting that his two preschool-age daughters don't have the same problem. They're in that stage of life where "Mine!" is one of their favorite words.

Things have definitely gone too far, concluded Ed after driving with them on a trip. When the song "This Land Is Your Land" came on the tape player, 4-year-old Colleen started singing along, "This land is my land."

Two-year-old Kate piped up from the back seat, "No! This land is my land!"

Colleen shot back, "No. This land is my land!"

Ahhh, what would Woodie Guthrie have thought?

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