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Sojourners Magazine: June 2005

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The only thing Americans are more weary about than discussions about
How does childhood faith influence political enagement? A conversation with seven people with conservative evangelical backgrounds.


... And everyone eats.' Why women are key to fighting global poverty.


What the "journalism of assertion" costs us
Bring home the troops. Start now.
A student hunger strike brings support to low-income workers.


Many people - especially leaders - tried to claim the pope as their own.
Our troubled world needs young people. And their iPods.
The first woman-led Muslim prayer service in New York City received bomb threats and had to change locations.

Culture Watch

Imperial TrainingImperial Training
Ten years ago,Ten years ago, historian Mark Noll’s important book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind began with a powerful
Progressive voices are breaking the Right's monopoly on talk radio.
This stern word to North American Christians from our evangelical sisters and brothers in Latin America poses the perennial -This stern word to North
Too many media outlets have decided that the political divide in America pits the red against the blue.Too many media outlets have decided that the p
Buddy Miller's music sings louder than words.


Unfortunately,Unfortunately, Duane Shank’s article ("Reform, Reduce, Destroy," April 2005) only scratched the surface in
The Church of England is painting the kingdom green.The Church of England is painting the kingdom green. The
When it comes to faith, politics, and culture (three of our favorite topics here at Sojourners), the public discussion too often seems to shrink down big ideas and complex life to simple, narrow
The most serious of events can seem,The most serious of events can seem, well, funny at the
Thank you for the excellent article (Thank you for the excellent article ("A Church at the Crossroads," by Heidi Schlumpf, March 2005). I wanted to
More than 2,More than 2,000 poor Brazilian farmers marched to the remote jungle town of Anapu in February for the funeral of Catholic
Quiver Power.Quiver Power. Nottingham, England, best known as the home of Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw who stole from the
Untitled Normal Page"A Church at the Crossroads" leaves a misimpression of the lay Catholic group Voice of the Faithful. The writer uses
It'It’s a sweet June day, and the mockingbirds are singing, as are the rubber tires of cars
Low-Low-income persons and families across the United States will increasingly need more services to enable them to meet acceptable
The Riggio-The Riggio-Lynch Interfaith Chapel, designed by internationally renowned architect Maya Lin, is located at the
More than 70 Christian bankruptcy attorneys issued an open letter to religious leaders,More than 70 Christian bankruptcy attorneys issued an open