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Sojourners Magazine: July 1992

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Cover Story

Time to listen and act


An interview with Cecil L. Murray and Kenneth C. Ulmer
Not just an isolated incident
An opportunity for systematic change
Where liberal and conservative policy has failed.
Toward a vision of a new community.


As Filipinos approached last month's elections, many sought hope not in politicians but in grassroots people power.
With the death of Robert Alton Harris in California's gas chamber on April 21, the long, emotional debate over the death penalty in this country has entered an unfortunate new era.
The public discussion on abortion is one with trenches dug on both sides


Haiti's exiled President compares theological and political power.
A cousin's visit to a Catholic church  
Neighbor recipes for a summer barbecue 

Culture Watch

A Senator gets serious about the environmental crisis.
Solidarity with our sons and daughters
Secure in its control of the material means of production, the American Right has always taken the lead in the exploration of underlying, non-material, cultural factors in public life.
Review of Daughters of the Dust
To live and die in the city of angels.
Class issues in entertainment
State violence and Jesus' message


We read scripture to be transformed. We are not interested just in adding to our knowledge, or even to our being.