Joseph Ross 03-01-2011

This time they are the ones cauth, though they try to close their eyes.

Noel Julnes-Dehner 02-01-2011

My husband, he die
without water in desert.
Walking Saudi Arabia --
no jobs in Yemen
for policemen
from Somalia.

Rob Soley 01-01-2011

My strokes are halting, not like the imagined fluidity
of the monastic scribes, hunched, by candlelight,
over some ancient text, perhaps the Our Father,

Temple Cone 12-01-2010

Bach wrote his solo cello suites as études, not for performance./
Imagine, the arpeggios of the first prelude, forever private, /

His friend Martha's making soup, because you still /
have to eat. Meanwhile, back in the Garden /

Jesse Nathan 09-01-2010

No, nothing,

she says, that is not God’s, and we approach
a crow ripping the entrails

of a truck-crushed fox, and the crow flees

Priscilla Atkins 08-01-2010

The hospital chaplain who sits in the room of a sick child
in Chicago and brings the child to God—not with words
but by her quiet presence.

Kevin Hadduck 07-01-2010

Over chatter of starlings and grackles,
you hear your father’s voice,
confident and constant as bee hum
in the backyard of your thoughts.

Richard Schiffman 06-01-2010

Somebody noticed this quaking purplish spray
hung incongruous on late-winter's bough,
and tied a festive bow of multicolored yarns
to cheer the anomalous blossoms,

Maryhelen Snyder 04-01-2010

The first thief and the second.

Mary Anne Reese 03-01-2010

Alb: A white liturgical tunic worn as prayer for a heart protected from all stain and washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

Richard Hoffman 02-01-2010

Because I lay on my back as a boy in the grass of the small yard behind our house watching clouds move and become faces, mostly,

David Denny 01-01-2010

Of all the saints, my Anthony,
I love you best. For you did
what I long to do: you walked away
from a life of comfort and ease,

Scott Cairns 12-01-2009

This is the Month, and this the happy morn
Wherein the Son of Heav’ns eternal King,
Of wedded Maid, and Virgin Mother born,

John Gosslee 09-01-2009

The ram’s horn bellowed.
Fused with snapped spears and hatchet heads
nicked shields covered the field,

Nancy White 08-01-2009

that light kept me a year in its grip first
my feet caught fire then my blood
we moved at the edge of endlessness
headless handless mouthless mind-

Richard Schiffman 07-01-2009

To you who are lost today
like a needle in a haystack, reading this poem alone.
Alone, brother island, sister moon. The ocean is big,

Annie Deppe 06-01-2009

A grace of green, the underleaf
of olive, the birdsong’s
cradling. It’s as though

Nicholas Samaras 04-01-2009

How the earth now
struggles into spring.

How the cold hangs on,
each morning cracking to begin.

Pamela Porter 03-01-2009
Five desert photographs taken by Thomas Merton.