Jeanne Murray Walker’s new collection of sonnets, Pilgrim, You Find the Path by Walking, will be available in 2019. She lives in Merion Station, Pa.

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Breaking the Blue Bowl

by Jeanne Murray Walker 07-30-2018
A poem.

I am the tiny, irate, scolding person
standing in the dome of my own skull.
She shakes her head again, arms crossed, again
disappointed: I’m clumsy, struggling, dull.

Then there’s the shattered wine glass,
an afternoon misspent, a dinner gobbled,
rank laundry, unpaid bills, uncut grass,
and, I suspect, one lovely friendship bobbled.

And yet, I’m here.         Alive.


by Jeanne Murray Walker 04-01-2012

Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.

Jesus and the Cabbage

by Jeanne Murray Walker 11-01-2010

His friend Martha's making soup, because you still /
have to eat. Meanwhile, back in the Garden /