St. Teresa Puts in a Skylight

Linda McCarriston 1-01-2001

Street Person, Portland, Maine: circa 1965

Rod Jellema 11-01-2000

Poetry is like prayer in that it is most effective in
solitude and in the times of solitude as, for
example, in the earliest morning. —Wallace Stevens

William Miller 9-01-2000

A poem

Daniel Lamberton 7-01-2000

You can imagine why they call this ship a tender

Dale M. Kushner 5-01-2000

Very soon now the light shall die.

I didn’t follow the holy man around

I have been in the House of Yahweh.

Vassar Miller 11-01-1999

In the barnyard of my bone
Let the animals kneel down...

Ernest Mulbah 9-01-1999
A poem for my grandfather.
Murray Bodo 7-01-1999

---in memory of Denise Levertov, 1923-1997

Judith Yarnall 3-01-1999
for Grace Lorch

I accept the cardinal that comes to the tree...

Pamela Rice Porter 11-01-1998

Carver at market speaks to a tourist
Luanda, Angola

Mil Norman Risch 9-01-1998

The sky shifts pinks of light through louvered fingers...

Mary F.C. Pratt 9-01-1998

It rained and rained.

David Sparenberg 7-01-1998

Signal Fire

Martha Townley 5-01-1998

I am a needle sewing...