Hearts & Minds

Jim Wallis 11-01-2011

People of faith, at our best, are the ultimate independents.

Jim Wallis 9-01-2011

America should be a safe place for people of all faiths.

Jim Wallis 8-01-2011

It's a consistent storyline in the media, involving powerful men in politics, sports, business, and religion: Men behave with utter disregard for the dignity and humanity of women -- using and abusing them at will, and acting as if they believe that they are entitled to do so.

Jim Wallis 7-01-2011

In this fallen world we are often faced with imperfect choices in response to clear evil.

Jim Wallis 6-15-2011

Tough choices are now upon us -- but they must be smart, courageous, and compassionate. 

Jim Wallis 6-03-2011

Though the fast ended on Easter, it helped to spark a broad and united movement for a moral budget.

Jim Wallis 5-10-2011

The leadership of both our countries has preferred stability to democracy for a long time.

Jim Wallis 3-01-2011

It's time to end the war in Afghanistan.

Jim Wallis 2-01-2011

Time and again, we heard from President Obama on the campaign trail that Washington was broken and he was running for president to fix it.

Jim Wallis 1-01-2011

In politics there is always a spiritual choice to be made -- a choice between hope and fear.

Jim Wallis 12-01-2010

This fall we saw a disturbing rise in religious intolerance in the U.S.

Jim Wallis 11-01-2010

President Obama announced at the end of August that "the American combat mission in Iraq has ended." Watching the speech and listening to the commentary, I was gripped by a deep sadness.

Jim Wallis 9-01-2010
Soldiers are dying for a failed, arrogant, theologically unjust, and immoral war policy.
Jim Wallis 8-01-2010
An ethic of endless economic growth, powered by fossil fuels, is ultimately unsustainable.
Jim Wallis 7-01-2010
This law would force us to disobey Jesus and his gospel. We will not comply.
Jim Wallis 6-01-2010
We need to behave differently, for the sake of our spiritual integrity and the health of our democracy.
Jim Wallis 5-01-2010
Jesus said to love our enemies, so no matter what Glenn Beck does we will not attack him personally.
Jim Wallis 4-01-2010

It’s the largest federal budget in history. President Obama’s 2011 budget totals $3.8 trillion and contains a deficit of $1.3 trillion.

Jim Wallis 3-01-2010
The banks must be sent a message: We find their behavior unacceptable.
Jim Wallis 2-01-2010

I have written a new book—one I didn’t plan to write, but which emerged as we responded to the economic crisis that has gripped the nation and the world.