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Jim Wallis 4-01-2010

It’s the largest federal budget in history. President Obama’s 2011 budget totals $3.8 trillion and contains a deficit of $1.3 trillion.

Jim Wallis 3-01-2010
The banks must be sent a message: We find their behavior unacceptable.
Jim Wallis 2-01-2010

I have written a new book—one I didn’t plan to write, but which emerged as we responded to the economic crisis that has gripped the nation and the world.

Jim Wallis 1-01-2010

In November, Dallas hosted Sojourners’ Justice Revival.

Jim Wallis 12-01-2009
Respecting the image of God in one another.
Jim Wallis 11-01-2009

In recent days, people of faith have raised their voices in the health-care reform debate and started talking about moral values.

Jim Wallis 9-01-2009

On a personal, national, and global level, the physical well-being of all God’s children is close to God’s heart and should be close to ours as well.

Jim Wallis 8-01-2009
Baseball has changed our family's life.
Jim Wallis 7-01-2009

Our Mobilization to End Poverty this spring brought together nearly 1,200 Christian leaders and grassroots activists from around the country committed to overcoming poverty.

Jim Wallis 6-01-2009

On ominous red-on-black lettering, a recent Newsweek cover carried the headline, “The Decline and Fall of Christian America.” The magazine’s cover story by editor Jon Mea

Jim Wallis 5-01-2009

Several years ago, faced with a disastrous federal budget proposal, So­jou­rn­ers started using the phrase “budgets are moral documents.” That phrase has now entered the com

Jim Wallis 4-01-2009
If we can learn new habits of the heart from this economic crisis, perhaps the suffering can be redemptive.
Jim Wallis 2-01-2009
The answer to fundamentalist religion is prophetic religion.
Jim Wallis 1-01-2009
The faith community can help bring people together on the biggest moral issues of our time, even across old political divisions.
Jim Wallis 12-01-2008

What is the responsibility of Christians?

Jim Wallis 11-01-2008
10 issues to consider in casting a ballot.
Jim Wallis 9-01-2008
A solution to poverty will take both liberals and conservatives and those who are neither.
Jim Wallis 8-01-2008
Unequal access to medical care has made death a social disease.
"Being disciples of Jesus means serving him in public as well as private."
Jim Wallis 6-01-2008
These young evangelicals refuse to reduce the gospel to a "fire-insurance" salvation pitch.