Hearts & Minds

Jim Wallis 01-01-2001

President-elect George W. Bush, as a victor who lost the popular vote and won the presidency with a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, will face a divided nation

Jim Wallis 11-01-2000

Let the good times roll! President Bill Clinton was absolutely beaming as he reported the U.S. Census Bureau's annual poverty statistics.

Jim Wallis 09-01-2000

Overtaking poverty will take all of our best values and insights.

Jim Wallis 07-01-2000

The last city on my recent Faith Works book tour was Milwaukee.

Jim Wallis 05-01-2000

The Covenant to Overcome Poverty is as simple as it is potentially life-changing.

Jim Wallis 03-01-2000

The real story in Seattle was not the violence of demonstrators nor the misbehavior of police.

Jim Wallis 01-01-2000

The Spice Girls won't be remembered. Martin Luther King will.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1999

A clear moral test

Jim Wallis 09-01-1999

The emergence of the term "faith-based organization" in political discussion (and its acronym FBO) may signal one of the most significant new developments in American public life.

Jim Wallis 07-01-1999

Just over 18 months ago, my mother was dancing at my wedding. Only a month later, my mom discovered that she had cancer of the abdominal lining.

Jim Wallis 05-01-1999

President Clinton said today that recent reports of police misconduct had shaken people’s faith in the police, and he proposed several measures that he said would help restore that trust.

Jim Wallis 03-01-1999

United States policy toward Iraq needs a radical change.

Jim Wallis 01-01-1999

In November, once again, Iraq responded to a military threat and signaled that it would allow U.N. weapons inspectors to resume their work. This was heartening news.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1998

Many of those present for Bill Clinton’s prayer breakfast repentance were moved. Unlike his August 17 address to the nation, this speech was contrite enough to convince.

Jim Wallis 09-01-1998

This summer I taught two weeklong courses, one in western Canada and one in the American Southwest.

Jim Wallis 07-01-1998

Sojourners Community

Jim Wallis 05-01-1998

Religious persecution. It’s becoming a hot topic, with a protest against it gathering strong momentum around the world. It’s about time.

Jim Wallis 03-01-1998

In the first stage of the White House sex scandal, the media was obsessed with how allegations of sexual misconduct and possible cover-up against Bill Clinton might bring down his presidency.

Jim Wallis 01-01-1998

Several notes and e-mails commented on the mention of my then wife-to-be in my column last month.

Jim Wallis 11-09-1997

St. Augustine said there is a God-shaped hole in the human spirit.