Hearts & Minds

Jim Wallis 05-06-2015

The Bible calls us to create multiracial communities of faith. 

Jim Wallis 04-01-2015

The 2016 election is an oppourtunity for a new dialouge on eliminating extreme poverty, at home and abroad. 

Jim Wallis 03-04-2015

As servants of a Lord who was tortured to death, we must commit to healing the wounds we have inflicted. 

Jim Wallis 02-03-2015

There is no "symmetry" in the violence of the Middle East today. 

Jim Wallis 01-05-2015

Congressional leaders on both sides must be convinced to put people above party. 

Jim Wallis 12-08-2014

Our mission was, is, and always will be centered in Jesus Christ. 

Jim Wallis 11-05-2014

We cannot undermine or defeat a group that we do not understand. 

Jim Wallis 10-06-2014

I eagerly await to see where the "rainbow generation" will take South Africa. 

Jim Wallis 08-04-2014

"When I claim to be a Christian, it should be a radical statement."

Jim Wallis 07-07-2014

Vincent Harding, photo by Ryan Rodrick Beiler

Vincent's warmth lifted the temperatures of those around him.

Jim Wallis 06-03-2014

Glen Stassen

In everything he did, Glen sought to bring Christian ethics to public life.

Jim Wallis 05-09-2014

Christ's upside-down kingdom offers a different and subversive message: Lose your life and you'll find it.

Jim Wallis 04-01-2014

As a Christian, I grieve over the unspeakable violence wrongly done in the name of faith.

Jim Wallis 03-05-2014

Changing the world requires the leadership of women.

Jim Wallis 01-30-2014

We are all neighbors now, whether we like it or not.

Jim Wallis 01-03-2014

We give thanks for how he turned righteous anger into the power of reconciliation.

Jim Wallis 12-09-2013

From "12 Years a Slave"

When racism is tolerated, the reconciling work of Christ on the cross is contradicted.

Jim Wallis 11-04-2013

To feel the pain of the world is to participate in the very heart of God.

Jim Wallis 09-30-2013

The words of Jesus are either authoritative for us or they are not.

Jim Wallis 08-02-2013

We should always be open to what God is speaking to a new generation of Christians.