Call to Renewal

Carter Echols 11-01-2000
Bring poverty into the campaign.
In these boom times, the wealth gap is getting worse.
Michaela Bruzzese 07-01-2000

The Covenant to Overcome Poverty needs you!

Coming together to say no to poverty.
Mike Bruinooge 03-01-2000
Group launches campaign document.
CTR readies for approaching Summit.
Mike Bruinooge 11-01-1999
A new team with a new mission
Jim Wallis 09-01-1999

Call to Renewal welcomes new staff.

Jay Thomas 07-01-1999
Mission Year forges friendships, changes lives.
Jim Wallis 05-01-1999

Focusing the faith community's moral energy.

Molly Marsh 03-01-1999

National Summit addresses impact of welfare reform.

Carol Fennelly 01-01-1999
A historic gathering on the churches and welfare reform.
Duane Shank 11-01-1998
National Summit on the Churches and Welfare Reform.
Duane Shank 09-01-1998
A day of preaching compassion to Congress
What is a Call to Renewal Roundtable?
Duane Shank 05-01-1998
Communities pitch in to help people out of poverty.
Duane Shank 03-01-1998
Building a movement to overcome poverty.
How will your community participate in the second annual "Pentecost to Overcome Poverty"?
But there is hope in working together.
Duane Shank 09-01-1997
Fall national conference seeks to nourish and energize.