Call to Renewal

Local actions build energy for fall national conference
Duane Shank 5-01-1997
A nationwide "Pentecost for the Poor"
Sue Stine 3-01-1997
A moral and political agenda for 1997.
Duane Shank 1-01-1997
Across the country, people are hungry to put their faith into action.
Duane Shank 11-01-1996
Inspiring the faithful to be the "moral locomotive for social change."
Duane Shank 9-01-1996
A tour for compassion, community, and civility begins this fall.
Duane Shank 7-01-1996
September event will bring together Spirit and action.
Duane Shank 5-01-1996
A way to make a positive difference this election year.
Duane Shank 3-01-1996
Conference gives network an energizing start.
Duane Shank 1-01-1996
Call to Renewal Conference