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From Meeting to Movement

At the National Summit on the Churches and Welfare Reform, the strategic concept of a new federation that can magnify the voices of thousands of local and national faith-based organizations was greeted enthusiastically. The call to bring together people and organizations working to overcome poverty and heal the sins of racism is resonating throughout the country.

Both at the Summit and since, we’ve been asked for information on how to affiliate. At a two-day retreat in mid-March, the Call to Renewal board took steps to implement this new federation. We are eager to build on the momentum created by the Summit that was, in Rev. James Forbes’ words, a "meeting for a movement."

Underlying these decisions is our call to help mobilize and focus the moral energy of the faith community to lead by example and to offer a prophetic voice for spiritual transformation and social change. By bringing the nation’s faith-based organizations and church-anchored ministries into a new national network and voice, we will be stronger than we are separately or denominationally. Together we can motivate the nation to confront the pervasive poverty and persistent racism still present in the richest and most diverse country on earth. In asserting the moral importance of the common good, we can truly be a call to renewal in our society.

Structurally, Call to Renewal will become a federation inviting individuals, congregations, local community-based groups, national organizations, and denominations to affiliate together, each bringing their particular identity, strengths, and resources. Spiritually, we will covenant with each other and before God in this mission for spiritual renewal and social justice.

The goals toward which the Call to Renewal federation will work are:

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 1999
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