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Sojourners Magazine: February 2005

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Why can't personal ethics and social justice - together - become a real political choice?


Is the advance of God's kingdom through missions being confused with the advance of American hegemony through the military?
In the final analysis it is not how many times one prays but how eager one is to imbibe it.
An interview with Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi on feminism, faith, and the future of the Palestinian cause.
An interview with Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi on feminism, faith, and the future of the Palestinian cause.


Little progress has been made toward human rights in northern India.
Telling the truth about civilians killed.
Rich countries have decided to control Iraq the old-fashioned way.


'It's hard to see your apartment building closed for a Starbucks to move in.'
The book tour will be a national conversation faith,
Rumsfeld would re-establish the military as a judge, jury and executioner.
We're talking about REAL science, important science.

Culture Watch

I always had a soft spot for Wal-Mart.
Faith, God's will, and time. An interview with Craig Wright.
A review of Faith and Feminism: a Holy Alliance, by Helen Lakelly Hunt.
A review of A Generous Orthodoxy, by Brian McLaren.


Thank you for Jason Byassee's honest comments on the books. Of course, much of what he says is true of many sermons and literature that come from Christians.
With the sound of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus played every hour on the hour, the Last Supper Wall Clock is a tasteful accoutrement no dining room should be without.
In "High Stakes for Church and State" (November 2004), Jim Wallis writes a compelling analysis, reminding us of the authority of Jesus' words on war and peace and social justice issues.
I can't tell you how much I appreciated Jason Byassee's article. As someone who works in Christian retail, I am constantly frustrated by the content of many "Christian" books these days.
Catholic reform movement Call To Action - a national 25,000-member group of laity, religious, and clergy-is challenging U.S.
When I came across Jason Byassee'
Regarding "The Politics of Piety," by Amy Sullivan, November 2004: I was impressed by your article. I am reminded of a ceremony that took place during medieval times at the election of the pope.
Our life around the Sojourners office has changed in the past several months.
Several hundred people marched through Greensboro, North Carolina, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre and to complete the 1979 anti-Klan march that was cut short when Klansmen
Swanee Hunt says in the November issue ("Replacing Hatred with Hope," CultureWatch) that she would prefer a God with "less power" to a God with "less love." I would like to know when the powe
The story of the Bible is one of increasing inclusion.
While President Bush pledges to reduce poverty through tax reform, the number of low-income Americans-especially the working poor-continues to skyrocket, according to the "Working Hard, Falli
1. Outside the cathedral I wept against a pillar of black stone