A New Kind of Power

Swanee Hunt says in the November issue ("Replacing Hatred with Hope," CultureWatch) that she would prefer a God with "less power" to a God with "less love." I would like to know when the power and love of God became mutually exclusive.

We could feed all of the world's hungry tomorrow, if we chose to do so. It is we alone who make decisions to take up arms against one another. One medical marvel after another shows the potential for the alleviation of a range of diseases, if not the conviction or the will to bring it to fruition.

We can't resist blaming God, but in reality most human suffering is wrought by a powerful people who are too numb, blind, or selfish to care.

Hunt hints at a new definition of "power" near the end of the piece, but, unfortunately, this idea is not explained further. We don't question God's omnipotence when we experience some mysterious or undeserved joy. Why do we do so when confronted with the opposite?

John Koize
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Sojourners Magazine February 2005
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