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Sojourners Magazine: February 1988

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James Baldwin did not allow us to take the easy route of mesmerizing guilt or undemanding fear.
Nancy Hastings Sehested: A Woman Pastor in the Southern Baptist Church.
The following is the extemporaneous speech that Nancy Hastings Sehested gave before the Shelby County Baptist Association on October 19, 1987.


In March of last year, Gina Wood, a 20-year-old District of Columbia government worker, went to the police claiming that her former boyfriend, James Jerome Sims, had harassed her.
A recent report in The Washington Post had concluded that only two cities in the country had higher food prices than Washington, D.C. 
What began with a bang, ended with a soft pop.
The summit gave indisputable evidence that cooperation with the Soviets is possible and that when the political will exists progress can be achieved in the struggle against nuclear weapons.

Culture Watch

I am making an exception to trashing public television as an anti-democratic instrument for Bill Moyers. 


Achiote, Nicaraguan Refugee Camp