A Step Toward Disarmament? | Sojourners

A Step Toward Disarmament?

Perhaps. But don't put away your banners ...

In the age-old fable "The Lion and the Rat," the mighty lion is ensnared in a trap so strong that even its powerful strainings for freedom are to no avail. The other animals of the jungle, alas, are also unable to help the king of beasts. Finally, along comes a wee rodent, who is able to chew through the ropes and free the lord of the jungle. Perseverance and patience are able to succeed where brute strength failed.

For at least 10 years, citizens' peace and justice movements the world over have been gnawing away in earnest at the nuclear ropes enslaving humanity. The Reagan-Gorbachev summit in December gave some evidence that the ropes, at long last, are beginning to fray.

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