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Sojourners Magazine: February 1987

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Fostering Friendship With the Enemy
A View Over, Under, and Beyond the Cold War.


The Emergence of Independent Peace Movements in the Soviet Bloc.


An afternoon meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, discussing religious affairs was not unlike many meetings I go to.
There is something mystical about the empowerment of formerly powerless people.
For the past six years, Ronald Reagan and his administration have virtually controlled Washington.
When I look into the eyes of Eugene Hasenfus, I see a man who is scared, helpless, and trapped. Eugene Hasenfus [was] the first American caught in the net, the first American who [fell] into the pit we dug in Nicaragua...[and he wasn't] the last.
The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the focus of this issue of Sojourners, is the most pervasive historic fact of our time.

Culture Watch

Who is the "public" in public television?
The Testimony of the Freedom Movement.