A Pit of Our Own Making

The nations have plunged into a pit of their own making; their own feet are entangled in the net which they hid. Now the Lord is made known. Justice is done; the wicked are trapped in their own devices (Psalm 9:15-16).

When I look into the eyes of Eugene Hasenfus, I see a man who is scared, helpless, and trapped. Eugene Hasenfus [was] the first American caught in the net, the first American who [fell] into the pit we dug in Nicaragua...[and he wasn't] the last.

Hasenfus [a CIA cargo handler captured by the Nicaraguan army while delivering weapons to the contras, anti-government forces, in 1986] looks to me mostly like a Vietnam veteran - he has that confused, hurt, and vulnerable look about him. I remember it so well from Vietnam days. And just as in Vietnam, it's always the little people who fall first into the pit that the bigger people have dug. But eventually they - the bigger people - also fall into it. They get trapped in their own net. As the psalmist says, the wicked are ensnared by the work of their own hands. Just like Vietnam.

A few weeks after the Hasenfus story broke, the Iran arms deal became a national scandal. Ronald Reagan [made] arms deals with Iran in exchange for U.S. hostages. Who would have thought Ronald "I'll never negotiate with the terrorists" Reagan would be secretly cutting deals with the hated enemy Iran, a nation that has most certainly been a sponsor of terrorist acts? Why would he do it? Because he was stuck and under enormous pressure to release the hostages. And, I believe, because Ronald Reagan really care[d] about them.

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