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Sojourners Magazine: August-September 1986

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On Location In South America
Came an offer, cutting a four months slice out of my whole grain life Would I voyage to the Colombian jungle, the Argentine waters, to advise and consent (to differ, raise mild hell) in uneasy consonance-- to assemble a scattered myth


The eight-day crusade, attended by more than 150,000 people and involving 630 churches from Washington, D.C, Maryland, and Virginia, took place in late April and early May. Nearly one-third of those attending came from Washington's black community.
A biblical image of community 
A nationwide rise in vindictive activity toward death row prisoners and their advocates seems to confirm a trend of opinion about the death penalty in the last two decades.
'Final battle between good and evil' to go at least six games!
For us, and for many of our readers, it has become a tradition to mark the August 6 and 9 anniversaries of the atomic bombings in Japan with public prayers and protest.