At many times in history, people of faith have marshaled their unique gifts and brought them to bear on social justice issues and the common good. Think of the abolitionist, women's suffrage, and civil rights movements, among others. People of faith rose up to join or lead these movements—each time calling on America to live up to its own dreams. Sojourners is committed to equipping a new generation of faith leaders and organizers, building their capacity to organize local and regional faith networks, and helping them use their unique gifts in the broader struggle for a just world. Our church engagement team does that in a couple of ways.

Faith in Action

Mobilizing Training  |  Leaders' Circle

Faith communities across the country are drawing from deep wells of legacy to organize and advocate for a more just world. People of faith are returning to their spiritual roots for guidance on how to engage the world’s struggles for justice in ways that honor our faith. To equip faith communities to boldly do the work of justice in their own areas, Sojourners offers a Faith in Action e-newsletter, leadership circle, and mobilizing training. Sign up for the newsletter, and learn more about the training options and Leaders' Circle at the links above.