Ryan Rodrick Beiler was the Sojourners web editor from 1999 to 2010. He currently works as a freelance photojournalist based in Oslo, Norway. 

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Video: Bill O'Reilly Now Supports a Public Option?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-18-2009
9:30 a.m.

Sojourners' Health-Care Truth-Telling Campaign: Now Targeting Advertisers

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-16-2009
Members of Sojourners' action alert list have received the first three messages of a week-long campaign on truth-telling in the health-care debate.

A 9/11 Prayer: Leonard Cohen's 'Democracy'

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-11-2009
My mother-in-law saw Leonard Cohen live in her native Norway this summer. She sent me this YouTube clip so I could have a taste.

Did Anyone Freak Out in '91 When George H.W. Bush Asked School Children to 'Help Us Achieve Our Goals'?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-08-2009
I blame the media for much of this manufactured controversy.

Video: Ted Kennedy Speaking at Jerry Falwell's College

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 08-26-2009
Evidence of Sen. Ted Kennedy's bipartisan bridge-building: On Oct. 3, 1983, he addressed Rev.

Israel Kicks Refugees Out of Their Tents

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 08-03-2009

In most cases in Occupied Palestine at this point, Palestinian refugees live in UN-administered camps that are essentially urban slums--overcrowded apartment blocks with high rates of poverty. But there are still some refugees that live in tents.

Gates Arrest Analysis Cliff Notes

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 07-28-2009
Audio of the 911 call that brought Sgt. James Crowley to the home of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Sotomayor's 'Temperament Problem': Perception and Reality

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 07-21-2009
Judge Sonia Sotomayor's approval as a U.S.

False Witness Redeemed: Forgiveness After 11 Years of Wrongful Conviction

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 07-15-2009

A white woman is raped by a black man in North Carolina. During the assault, she studies his face, determined to bring him to justice. She later identifies a suspect both in photos and in-person line-ups. Only she's wrong.

Pray with Your Feet for the People of Iran

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 07-09-2009

I attended a candle light vigil in D.C. last Thursday for those who've died in Iran's recent protests.

Protests and International Pressure Against Honduras Coup Continue

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 07-02-2009

As the situation regarding the military ouster of Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya continues to develop, I Metroed across town to the U.S. State Department to photograph a protest calling for cutting off U.S. aid to Honduras until Zelaya's reinstatement.

Arab Christians Getting Overdue Recognition

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 06-10-2009

Combatants for Peace: A Grassroots View from the Middle East, Part 2

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 06-09-2009

Another amazing grassroots effort in the Middle East is Combatants for Peace, a group of former Palestinian fighters and Israeli soldiers who have united to reject violence and tell their stories to each other as a way of finding peace.

Remembering Stories: A Grassroots View from the Middle East, Part 1

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 06-08-2009

When President Obama was giving his speech in Cairo, I was just across the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan, and caught a glimpse on a corner store TV, the translation making it hard to hear his words.

M2EP Images: How to Be a Light on the Hill

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-30-2009
As the videos in recent posts have

M2EP Live: First Night Photos

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-27-2009
Here are a few photos from Sunday evening's activities.

Torture: What Part of 'Do Not Repay Evil for Evil' Don't You Understand?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-17-2009
There is much to be disturbed about in the recent revelation of the Bush administration torture memos.

The Rush Limbaugh April Fools' Response

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-03-2009
April 1 was quite the roller coaster for me. First of all, I'm already in a good mood because it's my sister's birthday (no kidding).

Video: Rush Limbaugh to Speak at Sojourners' Mobilization to End Poverty

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-01-2009

In an inspiring display of bipartisan bridge-building, talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh has accepted Jim Wallis' invitation to deliver a keynote address at Sojourners' http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=events.m2ep&item=m2ep-home&source=r...

After Jailhouse Conversion, Madoff to Join Ministry of Televangelist Kenneth Copeland

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-01-2009

While awaiting sentencing for defrauding investors with a $65 billion Ponzi scheme, Bernard Madoff has undergone what friends and family are describing as a jailhouse conversion that has given him new hope despite the near certainty of life imprisonment.