Ryan Rodrick Beiler was the Sojourners web editor from 1999 to 2010. He currently works as a freelance photojournalist based in Oslo, Norway. 

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Obama Presents Global Economic Recovery Plan to a Resistant G-20 While Holding Adorable Puppy

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-01-2009

In the face of international resistance to the U.S. role in resolving the global economic crisis, President Barack Obama raised his arts of persuasive communication to new heights, delivering his latest comments to the G-20 while cradling the puppy he plans to give to his daughters Sasha and Malia.

'Shooting and Crying': Israeli Soldiers Tell Their Gaza War Stories

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 03-23-2009

In last week's SojoMail, the quote of the week was from an Israeli squad leader describing the incredulous reactions of his men when he took measures to protect civilian lives during the invasion of Gaza.

Waltz with Bashir: Drawing a Massacre from Memory

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 02-16-2009

Each time I write about the Middle East, I feel compelled to repeat three concepts.

Philip Rizk Describes Ordeal to NY Times

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 02-13-2009
We continue to give thanks to God for the release of God's Politics contributor Philip Rizk earlier thi

Alhamdulillah! (All Praise to God!) Philip is Free!

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 02-11-2009
No more details as of yet, just this update on the Facebook page:

Wednesday February 11th, 4:00 a.m.

Philip Rizk Disappearance Gets Major Coverage, But He Remains Missing

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 02-10-2009

We at Sojourners continue to be deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of Philip Rizk, who was arrested and detained by Egyptian secret police Friday evening following a rally north of Cairo in support of the people of Gaza.

Rev. Joel Hunter on This American Life

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 01-23-2009
In case you're not a loyal listener of PRI's This American Life (the Rodrick Beilers have passed many a long road trip with back-to-back-to-ba

Video and Transcript: Rick Warren's Inaugural Invocation

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 01-22-2009
Here's the video and the transcript of Rick Warren's prayer at the inaugural ceremony, for your reference and comment:

Your Ballots at Work: 'Waterboarding is Torture'

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 01-16-2009
This kind of feels close to an exercise in I-told-you-so, but for all the folks who assert that voting is a hopelessly corrupted exercise in irredeemable empire, consider as an indicator the testim

Whose Truth Do You Trust in the Gaza Conflict?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 01-07-2009
In addition to the obvious and outrageous tragedy of those killed by the Israeli bombing of Gaza (640 killed so far in this

What if the Amish Were in Charge of the Economy?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 12-12-2008

A Chance to Change Our Failed War on Drugs in Colombia

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 11-25-2008
Add this op-ed from yesterday's Washington Post to the list of things we have a reasonabl

Confessions of an Alternative Voter

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-31-2008
I'm pretty sure I have more sympathy for Shane and his treatment of what I'll call "alternative voting" (principled non-voters, minor par

Back to the Future with Focus on the Family

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-30-2008

Yesterday, Jim posted his response to Focus on the Family....Action's 16-page "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America." They say that though their letter is a "what if?" exercise, that this "does

Killed for 'Preaching Christianity'

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-28-2008

A short thought to follow up on Valerie Elverton-Dixon's tribute to Gayle Williams, the aid worker gunned down by Taliban militants last week. As Valerie noted:

She worked for an organization called SERVE Afghanistan -

Will Christians Lead or Follow on Questions of Diversity?

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-07-2008
Even as I was reporting Bart Campolo's challenging questions on cross-cultural community last week, I had the beginnings of a response al

Bart Campolo's Tough Questions on Cross-Cultural Community

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 10-03-2008
Bart Campolo gave me a call recently about our ongoing blog conversation on New Monastics and race.

And the #1 Threat to America: BEARS!

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-26-2008

Last week was a busy one, getting the blog switched over from Beliefnet to our own web site. Sharp-eyed readers have noticed a few bugs, but since we're over the hump I thought a little Friday fun was in order. Fans of the Colbert Report know that Stephen has done has done a lot to raise awareness of the dangers of bears. His work remains unfinished.

God's Politics Has Moved!

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 09-17-2008
Please change your bookmarks to: http://www.godspolitics.com

Charlie Wilson's Warning

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 08-29-2008

Coinciding with the visit of a dear friend who's spent the past few years working in Afghanistan for both development NGOs and (non-U.S.) government agencies, the DVD of Charlie Wilson's War recently arrived from Netflix. My friend recommends it. Also, I [heart] Philip Seymour Hoffman. And I can tolerate Tom Hanks in appropriate doses. But an