Ryan Rodrick Beiler

Ryan Rodrick Beiler was the Sojourners web editor from 1999 to 2010. He currently works as a freelance photojournalist based in Oslo, Norway. 

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Murray Hill for Congress!

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 05-01-2010
Good news: Now corporations can buy democracy direct at huge discounts!

Video: Jon Stewart on Arizona's 'Law and Border'

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-27-2010


Colbert's Analysis of Arizona's Immigration Enforcement Bill: No Problemo

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-23-2010

A little satire to lighten a week of heavy news on the immigration reform front:


An Emerging Introspection Round-up

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-20-2010

On Faith on Glenn Beck, and a Video PSA for Social Justice Christians

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-19-2010

Last week, The Washington Post's On Faith site devoted their weekly Q&A to the debate over social justice which they titled, "Wallis vs.

This Palestinian Life: Stories of Nonviolent Resistance

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-14-2010

Last weekend I was at a family reunion where I had been invited to show pictures from my sabbatical in the Middle East last spring.

Presidents' Plans and Precedents for Peace in the Middle East

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 04-09-2010

Several sources have recommended this commentary by M.J. Rosenberg at Media Matters as a helpful analysis of the new "Obama Peace Plan" for the Middle East.

Why We're Talking About Glenn Beck and Social Justice

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 03-30-2010
Jim Wallis is on vacation this week, but before leaving he wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post<

Kudos and Good News Coverage on the Glenn Beck Social Justice Debate

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 03-26-2010
Last week, Don Miller was SojoFriend #1 for his eloquent framing of the Glenn Beck de

Photos: Rally for Immigration Reform -- Change Takes Courage and Faith

by Ryan Rodrick Beiler 03-22-2010

Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday's massive immigration rally on the National Mall.