Bekah Fulton grew up in Oklahoma but moved to the Houston suburbs in high school where she fell in love with blue bonnets and the Hill Country. She spent her last four years studying things at Mercer University in Macon, GA, with a major she eventually made for herself, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Ethics with a minor in Religion. She is a forever camp counselor and considers herself eternally indebted to the legacy of Howard E. Butt Jr. and the work of Laity Lodge Youth Camp, where she has worked the last three summers.

When not at work, you might find her watching movies and SNL, crying because she has recently become lactose intolerant, hiking or playing basketball, talking about Texas, or crafting handmade cards. She loves Thai food and biking to work, and she has recently discovered an interest in science fiction novels.

Bekah actually enjoys going to the dentist and has happily made peace with the fact that she probably peaked in fifth grade, performing as Eleanor Roosevelt for Plato Elementary’s wax museum. She enjoys reading and writing about racial reconciliation, education, female empowerment, theology, and film. She has dreamt of being a screenwriter, a lawyer, a teacher, a grad student, and a mother. She also has nightmares about these things as well.

Bekah is whole-heartedly convinced that changing the world starts with loving the people around you well. She hopes her time with Sojourners will aid her journey of “rejoicing always!” 

Posts By This Author

Families Belong Together

by Rebekah Fulton, by Christina Colón 07-02-2018
Photos and Prayers from the Families Belong Together Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil

Church Elders Lead Thousands of Christians in Vigil to the White House

by Rebekah Fulton 05-25-2018

A photo essay from the Reclaiming Jesus Service and Candlelight Vigil to the White House. 

A New Poor People’s Campaign

by Rebekah Fulton 05-15-2018
Photos from the Poor People's Campaign Launch in D.C.

Photos from the Poor People's Campaign Launch in D.C.

Why Feel Pretty? Schumer's Newest Doesn't Question the Wellness Industry

by Rebekah Fulton 05-10-2018

I Feel Pretty, the third cinematic project featuring Comedy Central star Amy Schumer, presents a philosophy about the power of confidence that is both deeply concerning and unoriginal: Confidence is something to be bought.

Faith Leaders Wash Feet of Refugees in Front of White House

by Rebekah Fulton 03-29-2018

Image via Bekah Fulton/Sojourners 

A photo gallery from the event. 

Thank You, Ursula K. Le Guin

by Rebekah Fulton 01-26-2018

Image via Marian Wood Kolisch/Flikr

These field notes of a fictional ethnographer on an imagined planet touch on a truth: As a woman who was conditioned to see God as father, my role as a Christian was shaped by the nature of a father relationship. And while this may not inherently be harmful, it is limiting. In The Left Hand of Darkness, I was invited to step into and imagine a world where gender was not a burden, privilege, or factor — for me, or for God.

Hundreds Gather at the ‘No Muslim Ban Ever’ Rally

by Helen Salita, by Jeff Hoagland, by Rebekah Fulton 10-19-2017

Image via Rebekah Fulton/Sojourners 

“The administration is going to challenge it [the court’s halt] and continue to try to make sure it [the ban] happens, ” said Isra Chaker, one of the speakers at the rally and a campaigns advisor at Oxfam America focusing on refugees.