Jeff Hoagland

Campaigns and Communications Assistant

I grew up sailing on the Indian River in Merritt Island, Fla. After traveling across the U.S. to three different colleges, I finally graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in English Literature. While in college, the shooting of Tamir Rice unearthed incredible racism in my church on Merritt Island. Rather than abandon my faith, I decided to add my voice to the prophetic movement building a better church for all God's children. That is what has pushed me to move across the country and join Sojourners. Here, I speak truth to power — mostly through hanging out with nuns in senators' offices. Speaking truth to power also involves compiling lots of news clips. Lots and lots of news clips. When not doing those things, you can find me wearing a fedora and dancing to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.

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Addressing the Racial School Discipline Gap

by Jeff Hoagland 01-23-2018
Students of Color Are Suspended at Three Times the Rate of White Students

Every year, U.S. public schools suspend enough students to fill 45 Super Bowl stadiums—nearly 3.5 million, amounting to nearly 18 million missed days of school. It’s a policy that negatively affects learning of all students, but in the United States, of course, there is also a racial gap: Studies show students of color are suspended at three times the rate of white students.

Hundreds Gather at the ‘No Muslim Ban Ever’ Rally

by Helen Salita, by Jeff Hoagland, by Rebekah Fulton 10-19-2017

Image via Rebekah Fulton/Sojourners 

“The administration is going to challenge it [the court’s halt] and continue to try to make sure it [the ban] happens, ” said Isra Chaker, one of the speakers at the rally and a campaigns advisor at Oxfam America focusing on refugees.