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STUDY: An Evangelical Call to Action on Climate Change

by The Editors 02-13-2014

If you think it’s impossible to change evangelicals’ views on climate change, think again. 

MAP: Does Your State Pay a Fair Wage?

by The Editors 02-13-2014

As the federal minimum wage stagnates at $7.25 an hour, many states have taken the lead to raise wages on their own. Where does your state stand?


PHOTOS: Meet the Pope's Deputies

by The Editors 02-13-2014

Pope Francis' recently named 19 new cardinals—half of which hail from non-European countries—to serve the Roman Catholic Church.

VIDEO: Proud To Be

by The Editors 02-10-2014

Indigenous American leaders speak out against the Washington NFL team’s mascot.

VIDEO: The La Puya Resistance

by The Editors 01-29-2014

In La Puya, Guatemala, Christian community members are nonviolently standing up against gold and silver mining companies.

Messenger of Peace

by The Editors 01-16-2014

Yousef Bashir's remarkable story of reconciliation.

Moriel Rothman's Spoken Word Poetry

by The Editors 01-16-2014

Moriel Rothman speaks candidly about his decision to not serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

VIDEO: Poetry Reading by Yehoshua November

by The Editors 12-19-2013

Hasidic poet, Yehoshua November, on the mystery of God.

VIDEO: Lifting Up Women's Voices

by The Editors 12-19-2013

Learn more about the Sojourners Women and Girls (SWAG) work.

VIDEO: A Soldier of Conscience

by The Editors 12-17-2013

Joshua Casteel served as an interrogator in Iraq. Then an encounter with a Jihadist challenged him to truly live out his faith.

12 Unique Gifts With a Positive Impact

by The Editors 11-12-2013

Invest in the transformation of lives by trying some of these fair trade, eco-friendly gift ideas or charities.

AUDIO: A Song for Newtown

by The Editors 11-12-2013

A choral piece dedicated to “all who grieve and in memory of the children and adults of Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

AUDIO: Keeping the Faith?

by The Editors 10-08-2013

Illustration by Ken Davis

"Not all who wander are lost."—J.R.R. Tolkien

SLIDESHOW: 'Rev. Riverkeeper' in Action

by The Editors 10-08-2013

Dottie Yunger puts her faith into action as the Anacostia Riverkeeper.

10 Bible Verses about Water

by The Editors 09-24-2013

God's word is rich with images of water. Drink up.

AUDIO: Kathy Kelly's Defiant Peace Activism

by Dawn Cherie Araujo, by The Editors 08-28-2013

As Ramzi Kysia writes in "The Song Remains" (Sojourners, August 2013), after decades of work, Kathy Kelly’s commitment to peace and nonviolence remains strong. When Sojourners editorial assistant, Dawn Araujo, caught up with her in June, Kelly was between visits to Afghanistan and her work with the Afghan Peace Volunteers. She was spending her “down” time protesting drones, nuclear weapons, and organizing a U.S.

Living Faithfully in the Public Square

by The Editors 08-07-2013

An Interview with John Carr

Comics & Faith with Gene Luen Yang

by The Editors 08-07-2013

In the September-October 2013 issue of Sojourners magazine, senior associate editor Julie Polter interviewed award-winning comic book author and artist Gene Luen Yang about his new two-volume graphic novel, Boxers & Saints.

PHOTOS & POETRY: A Unique Look at Gaza

by The Editors 08-07-2013

When most people think of Gaza, surfing is not the first thing that comes to mind. But photo journalist Ryan Rodrick Beiler has an eye for capturing the resilience and richness of life in this occupied land.

In The Middle: The Challenge of Racial Reconciliation

by Catherine Meeks, by The Editors 07-31-2013

Catherine Meeks

I suppose I could live my life saying, "I will never allow myself to try to understand white people. I will cut myself off from them. I will live my life as a black woman, and I'll just keep white people in boxes." But to do that means to keep myself cut off from a part of myself. And if white people do that about black people, I think the same is true: It keeps them cut off from a part of themselves.

For those of us who are Christians, I don't think we have any choice in the matter. I think God has made it clear that we're to be reconciled to God and each other. And if we're to be reconciled to each other, that includes everyone who happens to be in the world with us.

Reconciliation demands that you not take sides; it demands that you take a stand, I think—a stand that's maybe a merging of a lot of different pieces that represent several different kinds of philosophical stances. I think that one who chooses a road of reconciliation must be willing to look at more than one side of the coin.