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Not My Son

I really appreciated Danny Duncan Collum’s “America’s Blood Sport” (December 2015). Although I have played and coached football and still enjoy watching football, I would not sign a consent form for my son to play. I have heard active coaches say that they would not let their kids play.

I hope that we as coaches and parents do not continue to adopt the attitude that many people have adopted regarding war. War is okay as long as someone else’s kids are getting hurt or killed; football is okay as long as someone else’s kids are getting their brains damaged.

Ron Ostrosky
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

America’s Blood Sport

I saw the original Frontline special that discussed the issue of “America’s Blood Sport.” The film was tragic, but seeing that doctor cry was more so. He was just a man doing his job—being a scientist—and they really tried to discredit him and insinuate he was a hack. Because of that film, I started boycotting the NFL. They have a tremendous amount of wealth and power to smudge facts. But, more importantly, they have the ability to take care of those athletes and choose not to.

Natacha Jeanty
Facebook comment

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