Ched Myers

Ched Myers is a writer, teacher, activist based in Los Angeles, and former Sojourners contributing editor.

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A Watershed Moment

by Ched Myers 04-01-2014

In the face of ecocide, the choice before us is stark: discipleship or denial.

'Everything Will Live Where the River Goes'

by Ched Myers 04-01-2012

A Bible study on water, God, and redemption.

The Passion of the Gulf

The BP catastrophe invites us to take a hard look at ourselves. We invited eight writers to offer their reflections on images from the Gulf Coast disaster.

Pay Attention to the Birds

by Ched Myers 12-01-2009

A Bible study on Luke 12, ecology, and economics.

Baptism's True Claim

by Ched Myers 07-01-2006
To wade in the water is to be immersed in our Lord's perverse ethic of gain through loss.

The Blood Of The Martyrs

by Ched Myers 06-01-2006
Tom Fox's nonviolent witness.

A House For All Peoples?

by Ched Myers 04-01-2006

A Bible study on welcoming the outsider.

Same-sex marriage and sacramental unity

by Bill Wylie-Kellermann, by Ched Myers 05-19-2004


In 1963, William Stringfellow - movement theologian, Sojourners mentor, and gay man - had the following to say about mainline churches who were pondering whether to join the struggle for African-American civil rights:

The issue not some common spiritual values, nor natural law, nor middle axioms. The issue is baptism. The issue is the unity of all humanity wrought by God in the life and work of Christ. Baptism is the sacrament of that unity of all human life in God.

To Serve and Preserve

by Ched Myers 03-01-2004

The Bible calls us to dominion over creation. Or does it?

A Few of My Favorite Things

by Ched Myers 09-01-2001
An author, biblical scholar, and itinerant teacher tells what sounds, sights, and words he's enjoying these days.