Weekly Wrap 6.8.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 6.8.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. Shocking No One, a Large Percentage of Americans Have News Fatigue

And Republicans are feeling it the most.

2. Here’s How You Can Get Involved in the Reclaiming Jesus Movement

There’s been an overwhelming response to Reclaiming Jesus. Here’s how you can join in.

3. This Is Congo’s Ninth Ebola Outbreak. They Got This

BRIGHT Magazine spoke to experts on Ebola response to get a better idea of what we’ve learned since 2014, and what makes this outbreak different. Here’s why experts are cautiously optimistic.

4. The Forgotten Psychological Wounds of the Stress of Migration

“Focus of resettlement of Syrian refugees has been on immediate minimum housing and financial and physical health care needs. Mental health, which requires greater language and cultural familiarity, has typically not been a priority before and after arrival in the U.S.”

5. My Life-Changing Switch to Only TV Shows That Feature Real Black Lives

“These women are not loudmouth, promiscuous, or asexual stereotypes. These are shows in which I am affirmed, in which Black women, Black people—Blackness—are affirmed.”

6. U.N. Calls on U.S. to Stop Detaining Migrants and Separating Children

"Detention is never in the best interests of the child and always constitutes a child rights violation," a U.N. spokeswoman said.

7. Judge Who Issued Brock Turner Sentence Recalled from Office

The vote marked the first time a California judge was recalled from the bench in 87 years. 

8. Sent Back to Mexico’s Violence, Des Moines Student Dies Within Weeks

He came to the U.S. at age 3 with his parents but lost his DACA status and was given “voluntary departure” to Mexico. Three weeks later, he became a victim of gang violence.

9. 'Wild Wild Country' and the Dangers of Extremism

What happens when an unconventional group of people come together in shared ideals toward a particular faith, and in doing so, bring their practices out into public air, leaving room for open clashes with other faiths?

10. Star Wars and the Battle of the Ever-More-Toxic

Somehow … the reasonable and just expansion of these universes to include the kinds of people who never used get past the turbolift doors has made a vocal slice of fandom lose its mind.”

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