Weekly Wrap 6.22.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 6.22.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. AUDIO: Good News or Bad News? The Meaning of ‘Evangelical’ in Today’s America

Jim Wallis recorded this episode of his podcast Soul of the Nation live from The Summit, Sojourners’ annual gathering of leaders and change makers. Here, he talks with some of those leaders to discuss what the word “evangelical” means in our present context.

2. Meet the Man Going Head-to-Head with Federal Agents to Help Asylum-Seeking Immigrants Cross the Border

It takes physically showing up.

3. In Justice Movements, We Cannot Neglect Our Souls

There is a disconnect between souls and bodies in American Christianity.

4. 3 Things U.S. Catholic Bishops Can Do About Family Separation and Incarceration at the Border

An approach using the tools of active nonviolence.

5. The Couple Behind the Viral Fundraiser to Reunite Immigrant Families

The fundraiser for RAICES Texas is at over $18 million and growing.

6. Why the Face of Family Separation Is a White Woman

Tempting though it is to assume that Nielsen and Sanders must, on some level, oppose this cruel policy, there’s no reason to believe they have more empathy by virtue of being women. In fact, it’s these kinds of assumptions about white women’s innocence and outsized empathy that have made them some of white supremacy’s most effective agents.”

7. Only Some Correctional Staff Being Taught How to Handle Traumatized Inmates

“We just say, ‘Lock ‘em up,’ and then we leave it to the correctional facility to figure out what kind of screening is appropriate.”

8. Climate Change Has a Sound

“In order to understand how severely climate change is affecting these birds, the researchers fed six thousand nature sound files to a machine learning system. After the researchers taught the system which parts of these audio clips were bird sounds, the system was able to take that lesson and pick out the bird-mating songs from an astronomically larger data size. … By using this method, the researchers were able to confirm that disparities in mating-arrival time is going up, most likely due to climate change.“

9. Families Ripped Apart: The Lightning Flash That Reveals Our Hidden Cruelty

“You can only rip children away from their families by dehumanizing the people you are facing. Down that path lies genocide.”

10. DeVos Has Scuttled More Than 1,200 Civil Rights Probes Inherited From Obama

ProPublica finds the Trump administration is less likely than its predecessor to find wrongdoing by school districts on issues ranging from racial and sexual harassment to meeting educational needs of disabled students.