Weekly Wrap: 10.27.17: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 10-27-2017

1. A Complicated Reformer

On the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a look at some of the details of its most well-known leader’s life — a reformer, though far from modern: “Unless we appreciate his thought in its own, unfamiliar and often uncomfortable terms, we will not see what it might have to offer to us today.”

2. The Dark History Behind Letting Male ‘Geniuses’ Get Away with ‘Bad Behavior

“The convenient narrative by which male artists are able to claim that this case of seducing a young female artist is so special that it is unlike all the others that have come before it, or will come after, is exactly that — convenient. Not only is this untrue in a moral sense, it’s also historically untrue.”

3. All About Dia De Los Muertos

You’ve seen the sugar skull imitations lining the shelves of Target alongside Halloween decorations — but here’s the story of this sacred festival.

4. Edison Bulbs: The Official Illumination of Gentrifiers

On mapping Edison-style lighting through Brooklyn: “In our restless quest for urban authenticity, we might do well to look not for vintage tungsten, which tends to illuminate only the carefully curated small-batch offerings of neighborhood newcomers.”

5. Here Are All the Luther Books People Have Written to Mark #Reformation500

👀 👀 👀

6. How Northeastern Nigeria Became a Place Afraid of Its Own Girls

This incredible interactive New York Times piece features interviews with 18 girls who were captured by militia groups and sent into crowds to blow themselves up. They survived and shared their stories.

7. Today’s Reformation: Ending Church Segregation

There are at least three doctrines, played out differently in each denomination, that — directly and indirectly — uphold the racist practice of segregated congregations. And there are three things we can do to address them.

8. The Aesthetics of Horror

There are people and professions at every level of systems of oppression. Someone had to design Nazi gas chambers. A new exhibit focuses on those architects.

9. There Are Currently Only 4 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500

And it’s about to drop to three. What happened to progress?

10. An Oral History of David Pumpkins

This weekend, the randomly beloved Saturday Night Live sketch character is back with a half-hour special — this time, animated.

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