By Jim Wallis 6-13-2018

Tonight at 6:30 EDT, we will be kicking off the first of four live-streamed “Core Conversations” for The Summit 2018: Radically Rooted, and we warmly invite you to tune in on our Facebook page. (RSVP here to be alerted on Facebook when it begins.)

The Summit is a unique gathering that provides both spiritual grounding and concrete actions for change. At our Summit each year, Christian leaders who believe in social justice gather for both strategy and sustenance.

The Christian story is grounded in a radical legacy of discipleship to Jesus Christ who exemplified the new order of the kingdom of God that he came to bring. This heritage leads disciples to intervene in the world in unconventional ways — into deeper relationship with and on behalf of those most targeted by oppression, as part of the radically inclusive, multiethnic, global church.

In turbulent times such as these, it is time to be radically rooted as followers of Jesus before anything else — nationality, political party, race, ethnicity, gender, geography — our identity in Christ precedes every other identity.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll join us as we hear from amazing featured participants tonight including Rev. Dr. Iva E. Carruthers, Rev. Noel Castellanos, and Nikki Toyama-Szeto as we discern together how our identity as radically rooted people calls us to intervene in our current moment.

See the full schedule of core conversations here

Jim Wallis is president of Sojourners. His new Audible spoken-word series, Jim Wallis In Conversation, is available now, as is his book, America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America. Follow Jim on Twitter @JimWallis.

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