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Hispanic Christian Leaders Call for Congress to Protect Dreamers

Hispanic Christian leaders across the nation have called for Congress and President Donald Trump to protect the 800,000 immigrant youth under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that delayed the Trump administration's March 5 deadline, leaders from the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, Esperanza, Christian Community Development Association, Bread for the World, as well as U.S. Catholic bishops referenced Matthew 25 to address the biblical calling to "treat the immigrant with dignity, respect and love, providing the same welcome that we ourselves would hope for."

The statement reads, in part:

As Americans, we live in a country built in part by the hard work, dreams and determination of generations of immigrants. As Hispanic Christian pastors and leaders, we see daily the struggle and promise of dreamers in our community. Not only do we see them work hard in our communities, we have also seen them graduate and pursue higher education and noble vocations that contribute to the health of our communities. ... The Church and a majority of Americans are united in support of the hopes and the future of "dreamers" in our country. Our political leaders have not found the will to align themselves with the will of the people. As Christian leaders we are committed to continue to advocate for "dreamers" until they are fully integrated into the life of this country of immigrants.

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