The United States is a nation of immigrants. Yet, our laws prevent immigrants from using their God-given gifts to improve communities and grow the economy. Through our work with the Evangelical Immigration Table and the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, we are articulating the biblical witness for immigration reform, demonstrating the human cost of inaction, and encouraging our political leaders to take action. By working together, we believe the faith community has a historic opportunity to help create a road map to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans. who wish to fully integrate and contribute to the social fabric of our nation.

  • After more than two decades of working to increase social responsibility in the agricultural industry, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has announced a new partnership with a leading grocer that will bring "Fair Food" tomatoes — ones that are responsibly sourced, protecting the rights of farmworkers — to more than 50 million new customers a month in nearly 780 new stores in 14 states.

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    Or: Six Awful Days in Dilley

    Where did you spend the July 4 this year? I was in San Antonio, Texas, re-greening myself after a week’s volunteer work in Dilley, Texas, with the CARA Pro Bono Project for incarcerated, non-criminal, asylum-seeking women and children at the South Texas Family Residential Center ... aka internment camp. 

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    The stories of the families are heartbreaking. They are mostly children. The parents uproot themselves, leaving their homes, their families, and their ways of life. They leave their lives behind because they fear for the lives of their children. The children face death because of the gangs who hunt them out to recruit, kidnap, and rape them. In some cases, mothers send their children with others, hopeful in the United States their children may have a chance, an opportunity, the possibility of attending school and having a life.

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    Victories in the battles against discrimination do not come easily or quickly, and they test our resolve to keep the faith during the lowest points of our struggles. While we celebrate the dismantling of institutional discrimination, we remain keenly aware of important challenges ahead with regard to discrimination — even hatred — against immigrants

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    More than 90,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea so far this year.

    More than 90,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea so far this year. 

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Stand Behind the President's Immigration Relief
President Obama's plans to reform pieces of our broken immigration system offer hope to millions who now can live and work without fear of being detained. Let's stand with the president; thank him now!

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