SojoAction: Immigration

Paola Fuentes Gleghorn
Immigration and Women and Girls Campaign Coordinator

The movement of people is as natural as the flow of water. In harmony with creation and the native people of the land people have the right to migrate whether for survival or flourishing.

Sojourners immigration advocacy centers around honoring the God-given dignity of every person, protecting family unity, and promoting thriving communities.

El movimiento humano es tan natural como el flujo del agua. En harmonía con la creación y los pueblos originarios de una tierra, la gente tiene el derecho a migrar ya sea para sobrevivir o florecer.

Sojourners centra sus esfuerzos de defensoría de inmigración en honrar la dignidad dada por Dios a cada persona, proteger la unidad familiar y crear comunidades prósperas.


Our Work

The Supreme Court is expected to make a final decision on the future of DACA any time between now and June. Let's join forces to face the future of DACA together!
We celebrate the strength, resilience, and stories of refugees worldwide. The leaders featured in these stories represent thousands of others who help make us a stronger nation. Watch their stories.
Tell Congress to stand for immigration policies that honor the God-given dignity of every person, protect family unity, and promote thriving communities. 
Many Christians assume that having an enemy is a botched form of discipleship resulting from failed reconciliation. But the expectation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that we will have enemies.
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