DACA Recipients Need Permanent Solutions Now!

During his first day in office, President Biden made a commitment to keep and improve the DACA program.  

The fact that the DACA memo was announced in the first day of this new administration is a testament to the efforts of the over 700,000 people in the DACAmented community, their families and friends, and immigrant rights advocates. Together, with the vision of DACAmented leaders, we have created a cultural moment where DACA is a day one priority for our country’s leaders. 74 percent of voters in the United States say Dreamers should be able to live and work in the United States.* 

However as of recent, on September 13, 2023, Judge Hanen ruled against the DACA program yet once again. The ruling means that while current DACA holders are protected and can continue to renew their status, new DACA applications cannot be processed or approved. Congress needs to hear from you about the urgent need to create a pathway to citizenship now.  

For far too long, DACA holders have been living in legal limbo due to our government’s inability to pass laws that can create safety from deportation and lessen the anxiety that DACA holders and their families experience. Enough is enough! Immigrant stability should not be battered by the courts when it has been demonstrated that DACA holders and recipients are people who contribute to our communities, and image bearers of the Divine in need of stability and permanency.  

What Does This Mean for DACA Recipients? 

How to respond as an Ally 

*Pew Research Center: Americans broadly support legal status for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Tell Congress DACA recipients need permanent solutions now

Take 5 minutes today to call your Representative to ask them to stop making DACA recipients live from court case to court case by creating a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and all our undocumented communities now!  

After a decade of temporary relief, DACA recipients need the permanent security and protections to keep their families together and continue to build their lives here in the United States. 

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