Singing the songs of a bygone world.
Rose Marie Berger 5-01-2007
A Bethlehem factory produces fair trade clothing by unionizing workers.

Beginning with churches near the coalfields, more than 750 local and national religious leaders have put forth “A Call for Justice at Peabody Energy” that backs miners seeking to organi

How consumers and farm workers together can make a better meal.
Dee Dee Risher 4-01-2006

When the Sago mine explosion trapped 13 West Virginia miners 250 feet below ground in January, I was deep into Kettle Bottom, a stunning collection of poetry by Diane Gilliam Fisher that i

Ohio State University head football coach John Cooper put himself in a pickle when he agreed to endorse a company that the Farm Labor Organizing Committee AFL-CIO (FLOC) says engages in unfair la

Julie Polter 9-01-1998

This morning's Washington Post said it is a "workers' market." A booming U.S.

Jane Slaughter 9-01-1998
Only the rank and file can bring real and lasting change.
Jane Samuels 9-01-1998
Even church institutions can lose sight of human needs.
Rose Marie Berger 9-01-1998
Despite anti-union violence, the United Farm Workers persevere in organizing strawberry pickers.